A Bit About Gay Men

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A bit about Gay Men

Why the Homosexual lifestyle populates romance novels

More women today are writing m/m romances, commonly referred to as slash fiction. These women may or may not have grasped the concept of how to write any male, let alone the gay male. The popularity of this trend in erotica has to do with psychology of human sexuality.  Their popularity among the romance novel reading crowd continues to increase.

Gay men seem to be cleaner, know the best party places, best places to shop, how to dress better and attract attention of others without being overly loud and more.

Some speculate that because many gay men have no families to take care of, money is freer, therefore making having a life an actual reality compared to most people.

Reasons for demanding the finer things in life match that of the straight man on many levels. Chances of meeting someone like minded and of the same sexual orientation increase.

Without the demands of family, the gay male is free to live the life he chooses. His income is purely his own.

Gay men network with others.

Terms like top, bottom, versatile, bear, twink, daddy or bubble butt may appear in m/m erotic literature.  These terms are terms used to define them and what they’re looking for in personal ads or in group settings. Gay men as a general seem more open and comfortable labeling themselves in order to attract just what they want. Straight men have a more difficult time with this concept since being direct is a hard thing for many.

Cruising: This is the same thing straight people do, hitting the club/bar scene to find a date.
The top in this sense penetrates anally the bottom, who is the receiver.  Just like with BDSM, there are those who are versatile and love to give and receive anal sex.
Bear: Usually a larger hairy man.
Twink: a boyish looking young man with little body hair.
Bubble Butt: Picture a man with round ass
Pitcher and Catcher refer to positions during sex.
Daddy/son: Often considered a May/December romance but it’s usually an older man/younger man type relationship.

The draw for women towards homoerotic romance novels stems from the act of sex itself.  For women, even in the most romantic setting, sex is a crude invasion of her taking him into her body.  Anal sex simulates that psychology for many gay men.


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