Hello all!

Welcome to the blog by editors for authors!

This blog is dedicated to the editors out there who try every day to make our stories shine. Trust me when I say we appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into each and every book. We’ll grin and bear every round of edits with a smile. *cough, cough* 🙂

Editors will be posting articles on Monday and Thursday on a variety of subjects from overused words, to passive voice, to flow. Check back often for new and exciting information from the editors on how to make your manuscript the best it can be.

Authors, please remember the editors aren’t there to rip up your story and throw it back at you. They want the story to succeed too. They are paid based on how well your story sells so they have your best interest at heart. Remember how much time and effort they have put into the edits and please don’t cry when your baby comes back to you lit up like a Christmas tree. We’ve all been there. Take a step back, close the manuscript and let it rest for a day or two. You’ll realize the editor doesn’t hate your story, she/he doesn’t want you to totally rewrite it, they are pointing out things you need to look at again. When you see you’ve used “that” 1268 times in a 50 page book, you’ll know you can delete probably 3/4 of those and not lose anything of your story. When the editor says you need to delete 8 of the 10 POV switches you have in your book, trust them to know what they are talking about.

One thing I want to point out because it’s something I think needs to be said. If an editor takes the time to leave a comment about something within your story, don’t just delete the comment because you don’t agree with them. Leave your own comment as to why you don’t feel it should be changed. It’s only common courtesy and it will let the editor know you’ve taken the time to read the comment and think about it.

Okay. I’ll leave you all now to ponder my introductory thoughts and then shake your head. Yes, I know you are. I can see you. o_O

Enjoy the articles and leave comments if you like.

Take it away ladies!

~ Sandy Sullivan


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  1. Love editors. They can see the forest and the trees. The author is way too attached to her baby to see her most often glaring mistakes. Without editors, our books wouldn’t shine at all. So many thanks to all of you out there. Keep up the good work!

  2. What a great idea! I’ve signed up to follow and am looking forward to it.

    And I, for one, listen raptly to my professional editor–and even some of my more editor-like beta readers. While I’m an Indie-published writer and my editor gets paid a flat rate, she doesn’t want her name in the front matter of a book that’s not well done. And neither do I! one of my 5-star reviews came from someone who commented on how professionally editor and well-proofed it was.

    Thanks, editors, for putting up with us crazy authors! And good luck with the blog, Sandy!


  3. OMG! You don’t know how many times a wonderful editor has found something that should have been so obvious to me, but I didn’t see it!! Without editors we are toast! LOL Words from the Editor is a wonderful idea! I look forward to checking in often!


  4. Wow, what a great blog Sandy! I look forward to all the posts

  5. What a great idea for a blog. I will promo this all over for you.


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